Our shelter is community living
in a safe, caring, and supportive atmosphere.
All our Services our FREE.


We provide training, education,
and awareness to the public as
well as DHS, medical professionals, teachers, and Law Enforcement.


We provide supportive services
to help restore value, dignity,
hope, and self-determination to improve ones quality of life.



OASIS is ready and fully prepared to continuing to provide services while protecting the health of our community. We are here and we are ready to help. If you are considering leaving your abuser or just need to talk, call us at (800) 447-1167. If you are considering staying in an abusive situation for financial reasons, we can help you stay safe with resources, basic needs and rental assistance. Keep scrolling for more available resources.

Don't text, Call

A voice often offers more comfort than a text. Plus, a friend in need may be more likely to express concerns and emotions in an actual verbal conversation. You may even be able to detect if there is something wrong by talking to or Videoing a friend.

Encourage them to act fast

For victims who are still healthy or not yet in quarantine status, encourage them to move while they can and the first step is calling OASIS to set up a plan. Staying at home may become more violent or dark as time goes by.

Practice self-care
Initiate a little shared friendship time, even if it’s virtual. Encourage your friend to think about their well being: a free online yoga class, a facial or journaling are good examples. Keeping occupied and maintaining good wellness habits is important.
Drop off necesseties

It is likely that an abusive partner will withhold necessities like hand sanitizer or cleaning supplies as a form of power or control. Offer to pick up essentials for your friend and personally deliver them to ensure they’ve arrived.


We seek to empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence,  stalking, and human trafficking by providing emergency shelter and advocacy services. We provide these free services to clients both in and out of shelter.

We can help you..
Identify and get services from other agencies,
go to court and other appointments,
assist you with restraining orders
medical, housing, and other forms,
and  help you with goal setting
and other plans to maintain a life free of abuse.

Oasis is the place where you will find support, information and encouragement.

We empathize with you. We are here to listen and help you to sort through your feelings without passing judgement.

Oasis office and Shelter Home are located in Curry County, Oregon

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